The Value of FSC for Businesses

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are more than just buzzwords. Consumers and societies expect businesses to be part of the solution when it comes to environmental and social issues. For any business associated with productive forests and forest products, working with FSC makes sense. We can help your business with improved efficiency, market access, meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and more. We have tailored solutions for different sectors, from furniture to pulp and paper. And we provide additional tools for businesses that choose to work with us, such as marketing materials to promote your collaboration with FSC.

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Forestry Newspaper
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Forestry Newspaper

The Value of FSC

The Value of FSC' entails the core values of FSC, showcasing the need and benefits for businesses to become certified. With the objective to effectively promote FSC to a business target,  we have developed a set of assets containing the key differentiators of FSC in the market. This set of assets are conceived to be promoting 5 key sectors: 


  1. Retail
  2. Construction
  3. Furniture
  4. Packaging
  5. Textiles

Products & Services

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Forestry Newspaper
Wood is a wonderful material: beautiful to look at, easy to work with, renewable, recyclable, carbon-efficient, low-energy and high-performance. FSC-certified timber is a strong pillar for more sustainable timber industries, such as construction and furniture. Not only does FSC certification ensure the use of environmentally-appropriate forest management practices in the production of wood, but it is also increasingly useful for companies participating in the green building industry, as well as helping ensure compliance with changing timber regulations and meeting increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly options.
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The fibre value chain encompasses the packaging, paper and hygiene sectors, all of which source pulp for the production of a variety of products – from tissues to paperboard and printing paper. According to recent FSC/GlobeScan global consumer research, people expect companies to do more to protect the environment, and increasingly check information about a product before they buy it. Sustainable forest management practices allow the packaging and paper sectors to highlight their commitment to responsible sourcing and to enhance their brand reputation.
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Due to their direct line of communication with consumers, retailers can influence the decisions made by consumers, and in this way, drive sustainability trends forward. A Globescan survey found that 50% of the surveyed consumers worldwide recognise the FSC label and they trust that FSC is effective in protecting forests. As consumers are increasingly looking for information on the sustainability of the products they buy, the role of retailers in conveying such messages is becoming even more relevant. The FSC label is therefore a powerful tool that can help retailers to communicate their commitment to sustainable forest management.
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Seen on thousands of product labels around the world, the FSC trademarks – most recognisably the famous FSC logo – are trusted by ethical consumers worldwide.
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With more than 75,000 organizations holding FSC chain of custody certification, FSC is the leading sustainable forest management solution, providing the highest global assurance of supply chain integrity from forest to end user. FSC is not restricted to products on a store shelf, however. Your business has the opportunity to use the FSC trademarks to promote your projects! By complying with the FSC Standard for Project Certification, the projects you manage can be FSC-certified, allowing you to manage several projects in a continual basis or a one-time project certification, whichever is more convenient for you.
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FSC has an array of resources to help you navigate the certification process. The links below provide an overview, and more comprehensive materials can be downloaded from the document centre. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter for the latest updates from across the FSC system.
Belarusian Forest Newspaper
FSC provides businesses with new tools to demonstrate and communicate the positive impact that their purchases, investments and financial support have on the conservation and restoration of forest ecosystem services.
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Belarusian Forest Newspaper
FSC regards compliance with relevant legislation regulating timber trade and related matters as an essential component of responsible forest management.


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