Primary Consultations

FSC Belarus offer initial and technical consultancy to small, medium and big woodworking projects and additonal support of investment activities. We offer technical advice to any beginner on Belarusian market as well as we can suggest solutions for established wood working factories for their major production problems, modernisation and expansion.

We accumulate, analyse and evaluate basic and advanced information on situation in forestry and woodworking sectors in Belarus, working with data on export flows, trade chains within the country and abroad. We may also conduct any surveys among companies and stakeholders, and help to assess the reliability of potential partners, buyers and sellers, using certification mechanisms. We can help to investigate and open new markets and opportunities using more then 50 Network Partners around the World and increase sales of you company. Having a structured database of forestry enterprises and companies, we help to assess and mitigate risks of working with any particular counterparty.

Still have questions or concerns about the work of the forestry industry in Belarus? - We have an answer.

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Leu Fedarovich