Due to their direct line of communication with consumers, retailers can influence the decisions made by consumers, and in this way, drive sustainability trends forward. A Globescan survey found that 50% of the surveyed consumers worldwide recognise the FSC label and they trust that FSC is effective in protecting forests. As consumers are increasingly looking for information on the sustainability of the products they buy, the role of retailers in conveying such messages is becoming even more relevant. The FSC label is therefore a powerful tool that can help retailers to communicate their commitment to sustainable forest management.

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Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing Benefits for Retailers

WWF conducted a survey of 54 retailers from 21 sectors and 20 countries in 2017. The findings from the survey outlines the top impacts that drives the business case for responsible sourcing in the retail industry. These include: 


  • 80% of the surveyed Retailers reported positive impacts on risk management and brand reputation

  • 70% of the surveyed Retailers claimed sustainability commitments had a positive impact on employee engagement

  • 60% of the retailers surveyed saw positive impacts on customer satisfaction and stakeholder engagement


Source: WWF 2017 Report on Responsible Sourcing of Forest Products 


Interview: El Corte Ingles on the Value of FSC

FSC works in close collaboration with major brands and retailers to help them communicate their commitment to FSC certification and increase awareness around sustainable forestry and its benefits. Delia Garcia, Head of Sustainability at El Corte Inglés, tells us more about the benefits related to sustainable sourcing for retailers. 

FSC Promotional Licence

Many trusted retailers across the globe are FSC promotional licence holders. Retailers who buy finished, FSC-labelled products from an FSC-certified company and sell these onto end users may apply to FSC for a promotional licence to enable them to use the FSC trademarks to promote these products. Similarly, organisations that use FSC-certified products as part of their operations or business, but do not sell them, may apply for a licence to promote FSC. H&M is one of FSC’s Promotional Licence Holders and shares the value of FSC in this testimony: 



We believe FSC to be the strongest certification system around to ensure responsible forest management and by using FSC certified material, we know that the wood in our products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. We are therefore committed to increase our use of FSC certified material in line with our company goal to use 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials in our products by 2030.

Madelene Ericsson, Sustainability Business Expert, H&M

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Brochure - Retail

FSC-certified forests have environmental, economic and social benefits.

As the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution, FSC labelling tells customers that the materials used originate from sustainable and legal sources.

Please read our brochure on the ‘Value of FSC for Retail’ to find out more about the benefits of FSC for retailers and the world’s forests. 


FSC Tools to Promote your Sustainability Story

  • FSC Trademark Portal 
    Promotional license holders and certificate holders get complimentary free access to the FSC Trademark Portal. On average, certificate holders generate and download 9,000 labels every month through this portal. The video below gives a quick tutorial on how it works.
  • FSC Marketing and Communications Toolkit 
    Promotional licence holders and certificate holders get free access to the marketing and communications toolkit. This platform provides ready-to-use digital and in-print promotional materials like web banners, posters, hang-tags, etc. Moreover, it also contains campaign examples and ideas from across the world. 

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