Экасістэмныя паслугі

Экасістэмныя паслугі - гэта выгады, якія людзі атрымліваюць ад прыроды. Лясы даюць грамадству шырокі спектр выгадаў - ад надзейных крыніцаў чыстай вады да ўрадлівай глебы і паглынання вугляроду. У лясах, сертыфікаваных FSC, каштоўныя экасістэмныя паслугі ахоўваюцца - і ў 2018 годзе FSC увяла  працэдуру дэманстрацыі і інфармавання пра станоўчы ўплыў адказнага лесакіравання на экасістэмныя паслугі. Гэтыя даведзеныя пазітыўныя ўплывы накіраваныя на палягчэнне выплаты плацяжоў за экасістэмныя паслугі і прадастаўленне доступу да іншых выгадаў, такім чынам дадаючы вартасць да бізнесу для тых, хто ажыццяўляе адказнае лесакіраванне, і тых, хто прымае меры па захаванні лясных экасістэмных паслуг.

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Forestry Newspaper


Стымулы для захавання экасістэмных паслуг

Працэдура экасістэмных паслуг FSC - гэта інструмент, які заахвочвае аднаўленне і захаванне лясных экасістэмных паслуг. Яна засяроджаная на пяці відах экасістэмных паслуг. 


Прадастаўляючы сведчанні станоўчага ўздзеяння, а таксама інструменты для інфармавання і экалагічнага маркетынгу, Працэдура экасістэмных паслуг FSC накіраваная на атрыманне грашовых і неграшовых выгад тымі, хто актыўна падтрымлівае адказнае кіраванне лясамі свету і экасістэмнымі паслугамі.

Праекты па ўсім свеце


Evidence of positive impacts

Building on existing world-renowned certification, the FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure provides a global approach that FSC certificate holders use to demonstrate the impact of their forest management activities on one or multiple ecosystem services at the forest site level. Once the forest manager has implemented all seven steps to demonstrate a positive impact, this is evaluated by a certification body. The resulting third-party verified positive impacts, referred to as ecosystem services claims, can be used for promotion and communication purposes as well as to seek sponsorship.

To learn more, access the Introductory Webinar on the Ecosystem Services Procedure.

Communication: forest impact stories

Attractive impact stories are a new communication opportunity for specific forest sites, highlighting their unique features and ecosystem services (ES) claims accompanied by the widely-recognised trademarks of FSC. Both forest managers and those who financially support the protection of ecosystem services in FSC-certified forests can use FSC ES Claims to tell forest impact stories, drawing on FSC’s internationally regarded leadership in responsible forest management solutions.

Furthermore, FSC 100% certified forest products and carbon credits originating from forests with demonstrated positive impacts can carry ecosystem services claims and be promoted with this added benefit.

For examples of communication possibilities, please visit this page

Belarusian Forest Newspaper

FSC provides businesses with new tools to demonstrate and communicate the positive impact that their purchases, investments and financial support have on the conservation and restoration of forest ecosystem services.

By following the seven steps of the Ecosystem Services Procedure, forest managers demonstrate how their management practices conserve or restore valuable forest ecosystem services. Once these positive impacts are verified by an FSC accredited certification body, the resulting ecosystem services claims can be used to tell impact stories about the forest and attract financial and non-monetary benefits. 

ForCES Project

FSC's work on ecosystem services began in 2011 with the ForCES (Forest Certification for Ecosystem Services) project, supervised by the United Nations Environment Programme and partly funded by the Global Environment Facility.

The overall goal of this project was to incentivise the preservation of valuable forest ecosystem services by facilitating access to ecosystem services markets. To do so, evidence was needed that responsible forestry has positive impacts on ecosystem services.

To implement the project, 10 pilot sites were selected in four countries: Chile, Indonesia, Nepal and Vietnam.

Project activities included:

1) impact measurement of forest management activities on one or more ecosystem services at the pilot sites;
2) market research at the international and national level; and
3) identifying the changes needed to the FSC system to include ecosystem services certification at the international level.

In 2017, the ForCES project was completed. The report summary is available for download below.


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